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  1. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 lte

    Thu 01 December 2016
    By Felipe

    alright take for if I cannot bond during the intro hey so I think able to get that knows we're going to go ahead and do an unboxing of the samsung galaxy tab for you get this in French PR department i will get to use for a couple of weeks but i'm going to talk about how you guys can get one of these right now for free that's right free it's real simple right now sprint is offering a i think probably the best trade-in program that's available tmobile does say they will match it but i don't think they'll do this you can actually come in in trade and iphone 4 like this you can trade this in they'll give you about a fifty-dollar bill credit somewhere around there 50 to 80 bucks really depends on your iPhone 4 or 4s obviously you get more money forth and then i'll give you two hundred dollars of in-store credit so that's 250 bucks for iphone4 that's insane now there is another thing on launch day where you can actually try to send to get two hundred dollars of a bill credit or towards your new iphone that's pretty much all four carriers are doing that that is on September 19 but I'm right now you can actually go and you can actually trade this in get this galaxy tab for arm for free and or paid a hundred bucks and then you have it off contract so basically what would happen is you would get fifty dollars plus a fifty-dollar bill credit rating this in you get this which is another 50 bucks on it would be under a two-year agreement and then you have a hundred fifty bucks in accessories so you could get say a magnetic book cover which this came with and we'll be reviewing this I'm sure and a bunch of other stuff so it's really a good thing should go check it out and I want to talk about it a little bit about that well that's it again like I said this was coming from PR we did not pay for that we did not pay for this when this kind of stuff happens when i get this kind of stuff and I make sure ...